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Day 6

I wonder if in November 2006 she knew that her life would be completely changed soon. I wonder if Ms. Davis knew that in December her heart would be captivated by God’s children and a new purpose. I wonder if at 18 years old she knew that she would soon be a leader for love in the world.

In December 2006, at 18 years old, Katie Davis traveled from her comfortable home, in Brentwood Tennessee, halfway around the world to Uganda for the first time. Once there she fell in love with a people and culture she probably knew little about before. She was influenced to the extent that she decided she should go back the next summer. Immediately upon return she noticed the difficulty poverty was placing upon the children. They couldn’t afford to go to school. Instead they worked. And for many that was their plight and their destiny. Working hard for a lifetime of illiteracy. Teaching kindergarten she realized that she could do something. These children needed support. She could maybe provide some support; she hoped. That was the beginning of her calling. That was the beginning of Amazima.

Amazima means “truth” in the native Ugandan language. The truth was that God loved these children. Could she show His love? She had an idea and a calling, did she have the courage to follow them through. Amazima was Katie’s project to provide sponsorships for children in need. The goal was to provide education, food, healthcare, spiritual care, and love. Today thousands of children have received these vital benefits because one 18 year old girl decided it was more important to love another person than a lifestyle.

Not only did Katie begin a project and ministry to provide care to thousands of children, she also decided to personally raise 14 Ugandan daughters by adopting them as her own. There was a catch however. Maybe you’re thinking that she went to Uganda for a while, had a change of heart, and went back home to start a mission to transfer available help to the needy in Africa; taking 14 children home with her to raise them in the comforts of the United States. That’s not what happened however. She went to Uganda to spend a summer teaching kindergarten. She fell in love and decided to stay. When she decided to adopt she was deciding that she would not go home. Because as a single woman, it was against the law for her to leave the country with her adopted children. She chose to love a few little girls more than her own comfort.

It’s been almost nine years and Katie Davis is still in Uganda. And perhaps as you read this you’re feeling called to do more with your life. Perhaps it sounds terrifying. But here’s the thing. Maybe you’ll move around the world and turn your existence upside down, that would be amazing, but most of us won’t, and that’s good too. Because while it does take some of us in action like Ms. Davis, it also takes people taking action to support those in the field. It takes people with good jobs who are willing to share what they earn with those in need. It takes people who care willing to tell others about the needs and the people working to meet them. It takes caring people who do something about what they care about. No matter where we’re at in life we can do something. I pray we learn to look for ways to support people who are willing to sacrifice their entire lives to give other people the chance to live a good life and a chance to know Jesus loves them. I pray we learn to use what we have to it’s fullest extent. I pray people like Katie Davis inspire us to live for a higher calling and not just an average routine. There are thousands of causes to support and many ways to support them. Let’s take action in whatever way we can. Let’s make a difference. Let’s live on purpose.

God Bless You,


If you feel like you’d like to support Katie Davis and Amazima Ministries please visit and be inspired.

Also if you’d like to know more about how Katie Davis started her ministry I recommend reading her book entitled “Kisses From Katie.” I promise she’ll inspire you.

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