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Don’t Forget True Love

Day 9

“Frank talk, spirited debate, laughter, and love. If I could distill a brain trust meeting down to its most essential ingredients, those four things would surely be among them.” – Ed Catmull

Part of the creative process at Pixar includes something called a “Brain Trust.” It’s a meeting and melding of creative minds where projects, stories, and ideas are presented, sometimes debated, and hopefully, improved. But improvement is hard. It usually requires an admission of faults and often includes some pain. That’s why love is always needed. Because it’s love that can chamfer the sharp edges and smooth the rough surfaces we call relationship. Improving an inanimate object is easy. If it’s too long cut it. If it’s too short stretch it; maybe even remake it. Grinding it doesn’t cause pain. Destroying it doesn’t incur injury. You just do what needs to be done. Just use your brain and trust in the process. But get people involved and the whole thing gets all messed up and painful.

We’re all people. Duh I know. But we’re pretty good at claiming personhood when we mess up. It’s because being a person is synonymous with being flawed. No matter how hared we try, we could all always use some improvement. It often takes frank talk to actually get moving on improvement. Because it’s not always helpful or effective to be warm. But spirited debate often ensues. Because nobody wants to be improved without a fight. It’s important however, that we remember the humanity of the people around us. No one is perfect, but all of us need love. Even prison should be accompanied with love. And if prison should include love, why shouldn’t a co-worker, family member, or accomplice? They surely need love too.

That’s the key isn’t it? Love. Jesus didn’t come to this world to leave it unchanged. He came to make change for sure. But His change also came with the world’s greatest love. Ultimately He was crucified because of His love, but His greatest action of love also left the greatest impact the world’s ever seen. Speaking of how He was going to die He said, “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” – John 12:32 (ESV) Love often requires sacrifice, it involves pain, but it’s the only way to make true improvements. The good news is that through the process love also has it’s rewards. Because love is self sacrificing at its core it carries with it a core of trust. And trust unlocks the doors of honesty. And honesty allows truth to improve faults.

Without a “Brain Trust” yelling and disagreeing and improving each other and their projects we would not know the genius of many Pixar movies. But love is what allows people who are trying to improve each other’s dreams also be able to stay in the same room together. So let’s remember to love. Life is too difficult to live without it and people are too important to miss out on it. Let’s honestly care for each other in a truly loving way. That doesn’t mean accepting everything the way it is. It means sticking together and caring for one another through the hard process of growth, change, and improvement.

May You Feel God’s Love,

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