Decisions of Destiny, Manuary 2016

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Welcome to Manuary 2016,

It’s January 1st, 2016. What a year 2015 was. And oh boy is that a cliche. The fact is 2015 was good for some and it didn’t go so well for others. So it’s hard to thoughtfully say that the past year has been great. Because maybe it hasn’t been too awesome for you. But there’s one thing we can all guarantee. 2015 brought with it life. Good life, bad life, new life, and old life. Life includes all of those things for all of us. That’s why I like to set aside every weekday in January to share a short message of inspiration aimed directly at men. I call it Manuary. It’s a month about being a better and more significant man. It’s not about mustaches or beards. It’s not about how much we lift, or any gains we make at the gym. It’s about the driving force for our lives. This month I hope to inspire you through the stories of great people who made a difference because they decided at a certain point in their lives to do the hard thing and not the easy thing. I like to call them, “Decisions of Destiny.”

This Manuary I want to describe to you how decisions put individuals on a path of destiny instead of defeat. We all know the name George Washington, we’ve all likely heard about Benjamin Franklin and James Monroe and Abraham Lincoln and Billy Graham and Mother Teresa and Martin Luther and Joshua and Moses and King David and Paul. The list could go on for a while, but my point is this, these people are remembered because of decisions they made in their lives, decisions to do the hard thing. Will we be remembered? We may not become famous, that doesn’t matter so much, but will we be remembered with a legacy of greatness? That legacy won’t come by chance, at some point we’ll have a decision to make. And that decision will mean more than we can know.

Men, it’s time to make a decision. It’s time to do the hard thing. It’s time to accept a destiny. What that destiny is and how big it will be we’ll never know until it comes, but there’s hope in it nonetheless. Yes, hope is always brought by a decision.

Women, you are more than welcome. The same choices apply to you. We all have greatness in us. Too often we choose not to seek it. My goal this month is for us all to seek greatness. No matter who we are. God has a destiny for all of us.

Everyone, welcome to Manuary 2016. With God’s grace it will be pretty cool. Remember, this isn’t about me, it’s about the decisions. If for some reason you don’t care for my opinions or the people I choose to write about, perhaps you can find value in their particular decision I choose to write about. None of us are perfect, and the same is true for most of the people I will write about. I guess I’m just asking for everyone’s grace though this process.

God bless you and happy New Year!