Decisions of Destiny

It’s Automatic

29 Manuary, 2016

What’s in a decision? Do we ever think about our decisions that way? Of course we think about our decisions when the consequences could be catastrophic. Drinking and driving, for example. But do we think about our everyday choices and decisions. The ones with which we can’t predict the outcomes with relative certainty. My goal this past month has been to inspire us to think about those decisions purposefully and diligently. Because by monitoring our decisions, we don’t necessarily shape our future, but more importantly, are forced to think about the reason’s we make them. Are we courageous but also humble, like George Washington? Are we willing to sacrifice our comforts for something greater, like the prophet Elisha? Or are we content to let our decisions be dictated by others?

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the examples of the power of decision making I’ve illustrated over the past month. It’s been a joy finding them. To be honest, while I’ve spent a significant amount of time searching for inspiration in life, I haven’t spent a great deal of effort looking for decisions that have made a difference. I don’t think I’ll view decision making the same anymore. Again, God has a way of working His will in our lives when we choose to live for Him and our decisions are often overridden by external factors. But the results of our decisions aren’t always as important as the character behind them. My prayer is for that character. The Bible says,  “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” – Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)

I doubt General Washington had to think hard about choosing to be brave or humble. It probably just came naturally. And I doubt Elisha struggled with his decisions to follow after his mentor Elijah. I’m sure it was like second nature. And so with us, when we allow our characters to be shaped by our Maker, we somehow begin automatically planning our ways accordingly. We will always struggle to do the right thing at times, but the struggle will mature and grow in purpose. And when we’re walking with the Lord, we don’t have to fear our steps. Rather we’ll begin to fear living without His guidance and purpose.

My prayer for men this year is that we’ll realize the real power in our decisions. That we’ll see more than ever we need help in our decision making. That God blesses us through the process. And that we choose a path where He can lead us to a greater purpose than we could choose for ourselves. May God bless you, keep you, and prosper you. And may you see the destiny in your decisions.


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